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Lire plus + How do I maintain properly my machinery?

Our range of vegetable machineries is proven and designed to be sustainable on a long run. Nevertheless, during harvesting work, you must ensure that your fittings and machineries are properly maintained. Here are the 3 tasks to be performed :
• Cleaning and scraping
• Greasing
• Checking the hydraulic clamping points
• Checking that the conveyor belts are correctly deployed.

If, you notice squeaking or belt tension problems, you will need to check the machine again. Contact your retailer or our services.

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Lire plus + How to start for the first time with my machinery?

Our dealers and partners ensure the very first start with your machinery.
With a direct link with Delecroix team, we make sure that you are well trained prior to use your belt and vegetable trailer, your floreting machinery or your other very customized conveyors.

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Lire plus + My need is very specific and unique. Can you designed me a solution?

Our Delecroix's services are skliied to answer to very surprising technical request. Please test us.

Our design department is managed by a team of engineers. They conceive a technical study to match to your techncial expectations such as floretting heads for broccolis, for flowers.

We have a 15 year experience which helps us to check whether our proposed solution suits to practical harvesting mode, to profitable yield, to sustainalble use, and to ergonomic handling for the harvesting team members

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Lire plus + What to do in case of technical issues?

Our machineries have been lasted for 20 years and more. They need of course a strady good maintenance (Cleaning, greasing, check of the mobile axles etc).However, it is possible that you need to fine tune the modulation of your harvesting belt. If then so, our local dealer and us will give you good tips by phone and directly to your farm.

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