Delecroix, Designer and manufacturer of harvesting machines for vegetables

A French manufacturing directly plugged into the fields


As a European leader in harvesting equipements, Delecroix Harvesting offers a customized range of vegetable trailers, conveyors belts, and floretting machineries for cauliflowers and brocollis etc. We offer a creative and reliable solutions to maximize productivity directly in the fields. To cope with the customers expectations, our technical fitters come from the agricultural and industrial world. Therefore, they fully understand the expectations of the producers needs. Here are our key deliverable items of our identiy. Our materials are "100% made in Hauts-de-France" with a high standard of quality. .

We provide solutions that deliver mainly three benefits:

1. High yield of harvesting time that divides by two the number of temporary workers.

2. Optimum reduction of the harshness of the work of the harvesters.

3. Respect of the harvested crops of vegetables.

With a 15 year experience, our machineries for vegetables meet the needs of our customers throughout Europe i.e Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Italy and beyond.

On a day to day business, we give key advices for each procucer to handle properly their new machinery with their team members. To sum up our commitment: We deliver harvesting solutions for the peace of mind of our producers.


Innovation belongs to Delecroix's DNA. Indeed, from the early beginning of Delecroix's company, we very first create an innovative conveyer belt to optimize the working conditions during the harvesting. This brought straight a positive incoming business.

Therefore, It gave a high degree of motivation to conceive and manufacture new machineries such as "the floretting machinery". This patented machinery was the additionel intake of innovations for the French market and European market.

To cope very closely to the needs of the vegetables farmers, Delecroix first designs the drawings. after this helpful step, we quote and manufacture the appropriate machinery clearly adapted for each crop such as : cauliflowers, butternuts, courgettes...


40% of our turnover is generated from exports turnover. Delecroix Harvesting distributes its vegetable trailers and conveyor belts in Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. Indeed, the mechanization of the tasks is very awaited by the vegetable famers.

Customized solution

Each production requires specific adaptations to improve the mechanization and ergonomics of the harvesting station. Delecroix Harvesting is committed to developing customized solutions i.e solutions to harvest flowers, oyster bags, cauliflowers. Our incresing awarness amongst the vegetable farmers is directly forged thanks to our Innovation and reliable manfacturing team.

Activity's beginning
Launching of the swingable conveyor belt with 2 sides
Company's birth
After the success of Delecroix's conveyor belts, the company born with the desire to create machines for all the farmers
Creation and submission
Mr Delecroix creates his LLC (limited liability company) and register a patent for the floretting machinery
New distributor
for SWEERE export (Netherlands)
New conveyor carried
for harvesting melons (20 m wingspan)
Mobile floretting machinery "Pareuse" (Cauliflower)
sold for export (Switzerland) with our partner Sweere
Mobile pareuse sold (cauliflower and broccoli)
for export (Switzerland) with our partner Sweere
Trailer harvester
with automatic crating and mats of 12 m useful (Cauliflower and broccoli for Mr Hubert Cancale)
Prototype 3-axle vegetable trailer
with motor bridge (patent of our partner PGAC): launch with our partner Le Saout
Launch of our prototype of mechanization
to harvest the oyster pockets: tray and conveyor
Implementation of mechanization
of the oysters pockets with our Cancale client
Project of a prototype
in progress for the harvest of .... but hush!

Made In Hauts-de-France

Petite-fille qui mange une fraise


600 trailers and 200 Conveyors belts have been manufactured and distributed in Europe. 100% "made in France" Our materials are fully manufactured by companions from the agricultural world.

100% "made in France"

100%: Delecroix Harvesting has doubled its turnover over the last 3 years.

3 years

3 years: this is the average duration to amortize its investment thanks to mechanization.