Field floretting machinery for cauliflowers and brocolis

What are the genuine reasons to choose Delecroix for your field floretting machinery?

Multi skilled machinery with an easy changing cutting heads adapted for each crop such as broccolis, cauliflowers, etc

Quality of fleuret cabbage : high accurate cutting and waste minimization

Very high speed of pace : until 150 heads of cauliflowers / mn

Use of clean energy (electricity) to cut, to pack and to transport cauliflower while respecting the flower.

AlternativesCapacitiesNumber of axles
24 Pallox (1000x1200)6 tonnes of florets, 24 pallox (2 stages)2 (bogy axles)
16 Pallox (1000x1200)4 tonnes of florets, 16 pallox (2 stages)1 (driver axle)
Container6 tonnes of florets2 (bogy axles)
Door casing10 tonnes of florets2 (bogy axles) or 3 (tridem)
Box door and hydraulic arm10 tonnes of florets2 (bogy axles) or 3 (tridem)