Range of Delecroix’s trailer for vegetables

Why choosing the vegetable trailer from Delecroix?

We propose you a wide range of covered trailers for vegetables which fulfills the needs of the customers.

We offer you a range of robust and agile trailers with a wide choice of specific options in accordance of your crops.

Our trailers are designed to welcome a hydraulic conveyor belt.

A wide range of agri trailers with a large capacity of loading which fully allow to maximize the productivity of harvesting.

LenghtWidthNumber of axlesPTAC (means official loading weight)Loading weight out the total weightStandard wheelsRectangular chassis (steel frame)
7,40 m2,50 m215 60011 000400/60-22.5250x100-6
8,40 m2,50 m215 60011 000400/60-22.5300x100-6
9,40 m2,50 m220 00015 000500/45-22.5
10,40 m2,50 m2 ou 320 00015 000500/45-22.5
11 ou 12 m3,00 m322 50016 000500/60-22.5